Monday, July 20, 2009

We are all connected — exhibition

Do you remember those small telescopes from your childhood? The one that keep micro photos of your grandmother... If you think they were extinct, you need to see the works of photographer Marco Ponce, from the graffitist Speto, the visual artist Ernesto Bonato and the painter Apo Fousek by the viewpoint of the eyeglass. They are spread by 8rosas gallery, hung by wire randomly among the works of artists in full size. It is the details that the exhibition Estamos Todos Conectados (We are All Connected) fascinates visitors. [susan togashi by B-Coolt]


Al. Franca, 1.071, Jardins — São Paulo - SP
Monday to Friday, from 11am till 6h30pm. Saturday, from 11am till 3pm. It ends on July 31th.
How much: For free.

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