Thursday, July 23, 2009

Exhibition Re:Board by Sesper

Sesper and his artistic shapes

Besides it always get destroyed, any skater appreciates a little bit of art spread up on the skate board. This issue has already been a reason for many exhibitions around the world. Support for testing of many artists. It's part of the history of the skateboarding around the globe. However, this kind of art has never been searched as on this documentary before. Re: Board, is the artististic work of the skater and musician Alexander "Sesper" Cruz. In 75 minutes, the Skater shows the artistic style of the Brasilian skate and records its history.
[endrigo chiri by B-Coolt]

Where: Matilha Cultural, Rua Rego Freitas, 542, Centro — São Paulo - SP
When: Expo: Tuesday to Friday, from 11am till 20pm. Saturday, from 12pm till 6pm. Movie: Wednesday at 7pm and Saturday at 6pm.
How much: For free.

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