Monday, August 31, 2009

BBQ on the grill at Da Quina Bar

Fraudinha na chapa (Skirt Steak on the grill)
Da Quina Bar is a two store building made for those who are looking for a place to have a beer and meet some friends. It's perfect to watch soccer games because they provide TVs during alive games via pay-per-view. Inside the bar, it's possible to watch more than 4 different games at the same time, having beer while eat some of their great dishes.

My suggestion is anyone of the dishes served on the grill. As you could see on the picture above, I tried the 'Fraudinha na chapa' (Skirt Steak cut on the Grill) and I recommend. There is also the famous 'Picanha' among the options. The best of it is that you can be the chef. The waiter brings the grill and the raw and seasoned slice of meat. After that, he just set it on fire and you are responsible for the rest. Uncooked or Overcooked? It's up to you! Perfect to have some fun with your friends while preparing a Barbecue inside a bar. Each dish serves 3 people. The menu offers also Salads, Snacks and Sandwiches (try out the one with Carpaccio). Upstairs there is a nice billiard pool where it's possible to play for an hour or half (R$ 20 or R$ 15).
Among the deals — during the week —, from 6pm to 8h30pm one bottle bough becomes two, Whiskey and Cachaça get 20% off and girls can buy one Caipirinha and have two. There is alive music every Thursday and Saturday. It's a great place to be.

Where: Da Quina, Av. Lavandisca, 185Moema — São Paulo
When: Monday to Friday, from 5pm till 1am. Saturday and Sunday, from 12pm till 1am.
Phone: (11) 4508-1898
How much: About R$ 35 per person.

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