Monday, August 17, 2009

Reliable Taxi Cab Company

If you are in Sao Paulo and need to get a taxi cab, my tip is to get one from Coopertax. This company offers over than 400 cars in whole Sao Paulo through 52 differents spots. They are really professional and most of it's clients are companies. The place where I work for, uses it's service and they are impeccable. Recently they've installed a brand new GPS system in whole fleet and it helps the service get fast and precise.

Calling a Taxi Cab
The best advice for those who doesn't speak enough Portuguese by phone, is to ask a help for some local. Unfortunately the company doesn't provide English speakers at the call center, but they have English speaker Taxi drivers. It's possible to book this service, but you'll have to ask some help. When I called them to interview about the service, they said the best way is to ask someone. They constantly get bookings from Hotels and Companies, asking for English speakers taxi drivers.

It's a good tip in case you want to go to somewhere and don't know how to get back. It's possible to book a pick up service where ever you are. They will be there.

Company: Coopertax
Phone: (11) 2095-6000 or 3511-1919
When: When ever you want. It works 24/7.

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