Saturday, August 8, 2009

Transport guidelines

As a large metropolis, traffic in São Paulo is generally heavy in peak time. In order to reduce such uncomfortable situation, a fully accepted process has been established, Peak Hour Operation, popular known as Traffic Restriction (‘rodízio’). This operation restricts automobiles and trucks to be driven within a established mini inner ring road during peak hours (07:00 am to 10:00 am and 05:00 pm to 08:00 pm) according to the final number of vehicle license.
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Foreign driving license

Foreigners driver must have a valid international driving license; tourists or temporary residents will be exempted of taxes, go to a Foreigner Service Sector with personal documents listed below and your passport.


• Own person, register dispatcher or legal attorney (with notarized signature at a register of deeds in São Paulo).

• Valid foreign driving license plus a copy.
• Document supporting by voucher, entry and LEGAL stay in Brazil plus a copy.
• Driving licensed translated by a Sword Translator or Consulate of the country.
• Proof of address (for conference only) issued within 3 (three) months before request date plus a copy. Such proofs may be: bank statement, utility bill, rental agreement, IPTU (property tax) and attach a proof of address. Such documents issued in the name of other person will only be accepted in case of spouse, parents or sons and daughters of the interested party, to be checked with a document.
• Present documents above at Foreigner Service Sector (4th floor – main building).
Note: Provisional driving license will be issued for 6 months and may be renewed as many times as necessary.
If validation date is close, driver must undergo a medical and psycotechnical exam at any DETRAN REGISTERED clinic.
DETRAN informs all registered clinic addresses, divided into zones, for medical exam.
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Parking rules

Parking cars on street is allowed in signed areas. Some vacancies require a ‘zona azul’ card, sold per page or per book at lottery shops and newsstands. Each page may be used for one hour only. Buy 'zona Azul’ books from authorized sellers at official price. Find the nearest seller:

Talking on mobile while driving

Talking on mobile phone while driving is forbidden and may cause fine.

Alcoholic beverage consumption

Since June 20, 2008, according to Federal Law 11.705/08, changing the Brazilian Traffic Code, driver who has drunk any amount of alcoholic beverage, and kept drunk, may have driving license confiscated, pay a fine and be arrested. Only 2 decigrams of alcohol per liter of blood is permitted by law.

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