Friday, August 21, 2009

Pastel: which one is the best in Sao Paulo?

Pastel and Chopp is something you have to try!

If you are new in Sao Paulo or even in Brazil, let me introduce one of the best features of Brazilian Gastronomy: Pastel. There is a blog written by an
American girl living in Rio that is perfect to explain it:

Pastel de carne/queijo (Pas-tew gee kar-nee/kay-joo):
Meat/cheese pastries, these look like Chinese food (I think they are of Chinese origin). The outside is like a wonton or those crunchy crackers you get with Chinese delivery in the US, and the inside is ground meat or cheese.

The City Council is considering the possibility of creating a competition to choose the best street Pastel of the city. The initiative was announced by the Sub prefectures Coordinator, Andrea Matarazzo, on his Twitter page.

"First we'll select the best by region (five) and then come the grand final" he said. The beginning of the competition and the rules haven't been defined yet. Inside São Paulo will be up to date on it!
[source: destak]

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