Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Schutz: brand new shop at Oscar Freire

Alexandre Birman has announced his brand new shop, 57 times bigger. If you are one of those women, desperate for sandals, stiletto heel, platforms and peep toes, you'll certainly find your place. Five years after opening his first shop of 13 square meters in Oscar Freire, Birman is already prepared to open his second store, which now has 750 square meters.

Son of Anderson Birman entrepreneur, founder of the famous mark Arezzo, Alexandre was born in the segment. Having lived in USA and Italy, he returned to Brazil and set up his own brand of shoes called Schutz (it means protection in German). Currently, the brand Schultz was incorporated by Arezzo, which has launched the Group Arezzo. Per month, 6 thousand pairs of shoes are produced, which are sold in 1 thousand different shops. The new store will have a showroom floor with concierge service dedicated to resellers. The design of the building was done by the art director Giovanni Bianco carioca.

However, the decoration is provisional. In January of 2010 it will be closed for a final rebuilding. Anyway, on August 12th this huge shop will open it's door for all the girls crazy for shoes. Go get your own!
[source: veja são paulo]

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