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Sao Paulo is the best destination for business events

[photo by Alexandre Diniz]

Organizing events in São Paulo means success. As an excellent option for business destination – more than 90,000 events hosted every year and 75% of the most important fairs – all these values of this global city may be added to events.

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and one of largest in the world; a vanguard city connected to world trends. São Paulo hosts events like São Paulo Fashion Week, Formula 1 Grand Prix in Interlagos Race Circuit, additionally to several international concerts.

São Paulo is the land of diversity; people from 70 different nationalities and states in Brazil, additionally to tribes, races and creeds. It is the capital of culture, with 52 different cuisine in more than 12.500 restaurants, scene of Virada Cultural – more than 350 attractions for continuous 24 hours.

That is why São Paulo is not only the ideal location for any event, but also represents the best destination for incentive campaigns. A business + travel combination. Organize your event in São Paulo and get what this world city has to offer you.

1 event every 6 minutes
This is the average of events held in São Paulo – a city known for being continuous Congresses, trade fairs, conventions, international concerts, parties, feasts, meeting, and other, almost 90,000 in a year.

75% of the biggest trade fairs of the country
São Paulo has an average of one business trade every three days and it hosts 75% of total great trade fairs in Brazil. Salão do Automóvel (Motor Show), Couromoda, Francal, Hospitalar, Automec, Fenatec, Telexpo, Expofarma, Fenit are only some of the references of excellent business and opportunities. Such market moves R$ 2.4 billion a year – R$ 700 million in venue rental, R$700 million in equipment and R$ 1 billion in travel, lodging and transport. 400,000 m² of equipped, charming and different venues

A number of trade fair and congress centers, the most qualified hotel industry with 42,000 rooms, charming and different venues. There are more than daily 400,000 m² available for trade fairs, exhibitions and conventions. Luxury hotels, boutique hotels, twenty big convention centers – like Anhembi Park, the biggest in Latin America – restaurants with special areas, museums, everything you need for an unforgettable touch to your event.

The economic heart of the continent
Fifteen percent of the gross national product (GNP) and six percent of total Brazilian population are concentrated in São Paulo. Home of some of the main world corporations, São Paulo provides the whole technology infrastructure and services. One of the cities with the highest movement in business tourism in the world that means that every US$ 100 dollars of richness generated in here. Per capita income of people in São Paulo is 70% higher than the average of Brazilians. That is, purchase power makes the city a great market for all kinds of events.

Great events are part of the daily routine

The only city in Latin America to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix (GP), São Paulo also hosts the São Silvestre Race, on December 31, and the largest Gay Parade in the world. After organizing on the greatest New Year’s celebration in the planet, the city begins the year with Couromoda, a trade fair with more than 65,000 professionals from all over the world, in the meantime, organizes the first edition of SP Fashion Week – the second edition is in July.

The first in the Americas
According to the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) that ranks the greatest event centers in the world, São Paulo is the most important destination for international events in the Americas. São Paulo is also among Top 20 destinations for events in the world and left behind destinations like Madrid, Sidney, Athens and Vancouver.

Business destination in Latin America
For the second time, São Paulo is the best business destination in Latin America, according to the annual study carried out by América Economia Intelligence, research unit of América Economia communication company. This survey ranked the 42 best Latin American cities for business considering innovative potential, capacity to generate new business, telecommunications, security, quality and cost of life.

International hotel chains

Do you know a boutique hotel? Do you want a SPA in you hotel? Need an option close to the office, a concert hall, a shopping mall? There is also a qualified hotel next to the main attractions in the city. São Paulo has the most modern hotel industry in Brazil. Great international hotel chains like Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, Accor, Meliá, Radisson fights for customers together with exclusive options like Fasano, Emiliano or Unique, high class and customized “boutique hotels”. There are 410 hotels with 42.000 rooms or Uhs.

Efficient transport network
The capital city also has one of the most modern and comfortable subways in the world, a 33,000 taxis, more than 200 helidesks – for 500 helicopters, the second fleet in the world. São Paulo also has the second private jets fleet in the world.

The most important airports
For air traffic, the city of São Paulo takes advantage from the two busiest airports in Brazil: São Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos, and Congonhas Airport Campo de Marte airport is used for smaller airplanes and private jets and helicopters. More than 40 cities in 23 other countries are regularly connected through commercial flights.
The newly modernized Congonhas airport serves the new growing demand; there are connections to 70 locations in almost all Brazilian states.

Latest Vintage Services

One of the most dynamic points in the city is service providing, such as telecommunications, digital data transmission, banks, financial systems, research and development, business consulting and corporate management, as well as high technology-related activities. The Wi-Fi connection is a reality in hotspots at Guarulhos and Congonhas airports, hotels, bookshops, cyber cafes and trade centers.

Vanguard and Knowledge Center

A connected city, always in the vanguard of the greatest cultural movements that changed Brazilian behavior and habits. In higher education, the University of São Paulo (USP) is in the top 100 public universities in the world and, recently, in the annual raking of the British newspaper The Times, as the first university in South America. There is also a wide range of short courses, lectures, seminars, literary discussions and a several universities and cultural centers teaching from handicraft to technology.

In the hall of the biggest world metropolis
According to Travel + Leisure, one of the most important world travel magazines, the city “is more a capital of the world in the Latin America due to its cultural mosaic and lifestyles”. São Paulo had been highlighted as a creative city, where “fashion is fashion, food is headline and the art anchors in a new land”. Among highlighted items, we found architecture, cuisine and food. São Paulo had been on the New York Times pages showing its sophistication and good tasted and definitely placed as part of the circuit of the big cities of the world.

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