Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Honor to Bom Retiro Suburb

For those who want to know the history of Bom Retiro — neighborhood of the central region of Sao Paulo —, should go to the Museu de Energia de São Paulo (Energy Museum of Sao Paulo), where to see an exhibition of drawings and photographs. Through this exhibition is possible to see the evolution of the region with the help of immigrants from various parts of the world (late 19th century) and how these cultures lived together.

In Bom Retiro the daily life of residents and visitors of the neighborhood is seen from the point of view of an unique developing community . This neighborhood is also highlighted by the fact of being located at an important location at the beginning, where the British railroad called Sao Paulo Railway was built between 1860 and 1867 and for being among the Tietê and Tamanduateí.

Nowadays the neighborhood is well known for being a great polo wholesale clothing, but without leaving aside the fame of the gastronomic variety and miscellaneous cultural aspects so distinguished.

Materials like wool and string lines were used by artists like Bo Tati, Gina Dinucci, Eduardo Rosa, Hugo Perucci, Fefa Brito and Vânia Medeiros to produce the artworks.

What's up: Bom Retiro, uma costura de povos Museu da Energia de São Paulo
Where: Alameda Cleveland, 601 — Campos Elíseos — São Paulo
When: Friday at 7h30pm; Saturday and Sunday at 11am, 5pm and 6pm.
Phone: (11) 3333-5600
How Much: For free

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