Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bar Birô is a great option for happy hour in Sao Paulo

Bar Birô main entrance

Bar Birô is pretty much a bar than a restaurant — despite the fact of serving lunch. It has a typical influence from Minas Gerais State (where one of the owners came from) and the place is cozy and small composed by dark wood furniture and marble counter.

Definitely, Bar Birô has a happy hour vocation. Close to the Paraíso Metro Station plus some Unis, its very busy from 6h30pm to 10pm every single day. The staff is really friendly and helpful. Among the options written on the menu, the highlight goes to the 'Birôguetti à Bolonhesa' (snacks of spaghetti Bolognese, accompanied by pork sausage, cheese sauce, pepper, mustard and black olives). Other option is the 'Porção Mineirinha' (pork ribs, fried yucca, pork's crackling, mini cheese rolls and rice cakes, and cuts of meat served in stone, including the classic Brazilian Picanha, filet mignon and sausage.

Where: Bar Biro, R. Vergueiro, 1889 — Paraíso — São Paulo
When: Every day from 10am till who knows when...
Phone: (11) 5081-4040
How much: About R$ 30 per person.

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