Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flowers on the asphalt of Sao Paulo

[photos: felipe morozini]

Act organized by Felipe Morizini on October 5th 2009

São Paulo has a huge asphalt structure crossing the old city center. It's a kind of bridge used just by vehicles and it's official name is Elevado Costa e Silva but the nickname is 'Minhocão' (big worm). It's a gross mistake built decades ago aiming to fix traffic jam problems. It didn't work well because was built pretty close to the residential buildings (staying on the same height as the apartment windows) and brought security problems to the region because became the address of homeless people, once it is a big roof crossing the city.

The City Council already has a project to remove the 'Minhocão', but it still been the main way for thousand of vehicles, so the project will have to wait a little further.

Nowadays, every Sunday all the entrances to the Elevado are closed and the space (about two and a half kilometers) is used as a walk path for the population. Stage of a big range of presentations and public acts, last October 5th 'Minhocão' became an asphalt garden. Felipe Morozini got 30 people including 8 photographers, 4 video makers and 30kg of chalk to draw 75 flowers on the asphalt in 15 minutes to produce a documentary.

On interview to the newspaper Estadão, Felipe said it was his dream. He is amazed with it's aggressive presence on the city and decided to bring flowers to it. According with him, some people liked a lot, others tough it was kind of Spring honor and an elderly woman called the Police saying the guys where doing graffiti on the floor. Talking to the police officers, Felipe told it would unfortunately fade away after rain and everything was ok.

'Minhocão' on Sunday is place dedicated to exercises, even thought it's an aggressive structure.

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