Monday, October 26, 2009

Verissimo is an interesting bar about beer and literature

Veranda of Veríssimo's

Meeting point for friends and family. The bar, which honors the writer Luis Fernando Veríssimo, mix cuisine and literature. It's possible to choose a dish and at the same time, browse and learn about the works of the author. On the walls, stories, cartoons and book covers.

At lunch, happy hour or dinner, the versatility of Verissimo, located in front of a square in the heart of Brooklyn, is like the soul of the poet: little bit of everything and able to charm everyone.

There is a wide terrace, bar, deck and lounge making the space an interesting place. The feature is the bar, where you can find fantastic 'Caipirinhas', classic drinks, Cachaça, chopp from Brahma plus Brazilian and imported beers. In the cellar, wines from different countries.

Among all Verissimo's snacks, the best one is the Pirulito de Rabada no Caixote (oxtail meat immersed in a pan with polenta, Tuscan sausage and crispy watercress, accompanied by pickled okra and colored quail egg). Exotic but you might to try! 

Where: Veríssimo, R. Flórida, 1488 — Brooklin — São Paulo
When: Monday to Saturday, from midday till 1am.
Phone: (11) 5506-6748
How much: About R$ 35 per person.

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