Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Barrichello introduces his new helmet for the Interlagos GP 2009

 Barrichello introduces his new helmet wearing the Corinthians Soccer Team uniform

Barrichello has defined the sponsorship agreement with the company Batavo and the incomes will be addressed to the Institute Barrichelo-Kanaan working for poor child.

For the fourth time during the Formula 1 2009 season, Rubens Barrichello brings a new layout to his helmet. Five days before the GP of Brazil in Sao Paulo, the championship deputy leader presented the model he will use at Interlagos. The dairy company Batavo, which already sponsors the Corinthians Soccer Team (Rubens Barrichello preferred team), signed an agreement with the pilot and the values will be transferred to the Institute Barrichello-Kanaan (together with Tony Kanaan, IndyCar Series driver), who works with underprivileged children.

The company's brand is the only change in the helmet for this race, which is already used since the Italian Grand Prix, held on September 13th.

The design, suggested by the Barrichello's son, has white side and orange top.

In 2009, Barrichello started the season with its traditional model (orange side and blue top), then used one with the colors of Brawn GP (yellow and black) and another with the same style of Felipe Massa's helmet, to honor the friend who had suffered a serious accident in qualifying the Hungarian Grand Prix.
[source: g1]

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