Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chico Buarque show "Os saltimbancos"

Sao Paulo's cultural offer is huge and going to the theatre is a good option to spend the week end! Usually it's hard to understand a performance in Portuguese, if you are foreign and don't speak this language, but we'll try to advice musicals or shows easy to follow! These days there is something really interesting at the Teatro Folha, it's a musical called "Os Saltimbancos". It was written by Chico Buarque and in this version is directed by Fezu Duarte. It's a very simple story: four animals (a donkey, a chicken, a dog and a cat) form a band and go to the town, searching for the dream of becoming artists, they will be facing a new reality; the animals are a metaphor of workers who escape the wage system to establish a community. As always Chico is explaining a deep problem in an easy way.


Os Saltimbancos - Teatro Folha, inside Higienopolis shopping center, Avenida Higienopolis 618- São Paulo
When: Every Saturday and Sunday, at 17,40, untill December the 20th.
How much: R$ 30 and R$ 15 for children.

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