Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hotel Formule 1 - Av Paulista

Formule 1 close to the Av. Paulista - Sao Paulo

Formule 1 is a chain of over 360 ultra-economical hotels around the world for sleeping well at a great value for money. Present on 12 different countries, Formule 1 is also inside Sao Paulo.

There are 6 different Formule 1 in town (located at Jardins, Morumbi, Paraíso, Paulista, São João and Tamboré) but the Inside São Paulo advice goes to the one close to the Av. Paulista. It's a great location (close to the subway/metro, Rua Augusta and MASP) for a reasonable price.

Formule 1 is a low budget chain hotel where three persons can book a nice room for prices ranging between R$ 85 and R$ 109 in São Paulo. The Paulista's Formule 1 costs R$ 109. It's a standard price. It doesn't matter if you want to sleep by yourself or bring up two other persons to your room.

The deal is: a double bed plus a single bed above (sort of bunk), cable TV, Air con, desk and clean sheets every day. There is no free breakfast but they offer a nice self-service all-you-can-eat for R$ 6 each person. There is a deal for breakfast in Brazil. If the reservation is made via internet and you show a STB/ISIC student card when you check in, you and your room mate will get a free breakfast. It's better to check before you make the reservation but the tip stills.

Rua da Consolação, 2303 — Consolação — São Paulo

(11) 3123-7755
How much: R$ 109 for room.

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