Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Milo Garage is a great pub in Sao Paulo. Great drinks, good music and interesting people

There is a pub in São Paulo called Milo Garage. It is placed on a quiet street of a wealthy Jewish neighborhood and it's the address of a great and exciting "little hell". It's almost impossible to get in after midnight when Milo open its doors.

Milo is pretty much an indie rock pub but also has gotten a black groove and an electronic vein. The house is tiny but the bar has a big counter where it's possible to find interesting drinks, despite the 'reading menu challenge' (it's impossible to read the itens writen on the menu). The graffiti-covered garage wall filled with underground party people sets Milo as an emblematic place.

Being an alternative rock reference in Sao Paulo city isn't a new situation to Milo, because they got the 'revealed secret' of being a successful destination: small place, nice music, good drinks and outside smoking area. This recipe brings interesting people and Milo got it.

Different of most Brazilian pubs, Milo charges the drink on the counter (the average situation is to get a consumption card to be paid at the end). The price is fair. It's possible to get pissed for much less than anywhere else. That's why it's hard to get in after midnight.

Close to the exit door, there is a small shop selling nice t-shirts, Posters and CDs. It's a great place to be.

Where: Milo Garage, Rua Minas Gerais, 203 — Consolação — São Paulo
When: Wednesday to Saturday, from 11h30pm till last client.
Phone: (11) 3129-8027
How much: About R$ 10 to get in.

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