Sunday, November 1, 2009

Learn something new at the Estaçao Ciencia (Science Station)!

The Estaçao Ciencia (Science Station) is located in old warehouses of Lapa, the Science Station has a permanent educational exhibition that addresses various scientific themes such as astronomy, geology, geography, biology and technology. Interactively, the permanent exhibition attracts children and adults. It's fun to put your hands on the generator Van de Graaff, if you touch this sphere your hair will get ruffle. 

With the Earthquake Simulator, people have the feeling of being in a room that suffers from the natural phenomenon, and can watch videos on the images of real earthquakes. The establishment has a mini-weather station, which provides information on climate, through equipment installed on the roof of the building. In the area of Earth Sciences, a model shows how the Tsuname happens and the visitor get to known, more deeply, the materials of geology, such as water, rocks and oil. 

The museum has a new space, the Microscopy Laboratory, inaugurated during the celebrations of 22 years. Why is it called station? Because it will guide you in a trip to the world of scientific knowledge, because it links past and future, education and entertainment. Because it is close to railway stations and subway.

Rua Guaicurus 1394, Lapa - São Paulo - SP
When: Tuesday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm. Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 6 pm. Close on Monday. It will be close from December 21st to January 4th.
Phone: (11) 3673-7022
How much:
R$ 2. Free for everyone every first Saturday and every third Sunday of the month. Website:

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