Thursday, November 19, 2009

Graffiti Exhibition at Masp

Street art: six murals will be in the Civic Hall and mezzanine of the Museum of Modern Art SP [photo: luisa santosa]
This exposition will take place in the most important museum in Latin America, the MASP. It will start tomorrow, Friday 20th, and it is totally something different from the usual exhibitions taking place there. It is called "De dentro para fora/De fora para dentro" (From the Inside to the Outside /From the Outside to the Inside). Six graffiti artists will exhibit their production through murals, screens, interactive installations, photographs and video. 

The work is the result of the current buzz around the so-called street art. According to the curator of MASP, Teixeira Coelho, the institution has been discussing for a while the way to explore the street art. The purpose is double: to attract the younger crowd and to open the eyes of elderly people. The entire basement of the building designed by Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992) will be taken by huge murals, walkways, benches for the public to sit and even a room for visitors to write on the wall. The library of the building will be stocked with publications related to comics, tattoos and animations. 

The six names exposing are refursing the title of graffiti creator. According to them, the classification can be applied only to those who produce works in the street. Titi Freak, featuring a panel of 7 meters, for example, is influenced by Matisse and Picasso and also by fashion and comics. Zezão dialogues with video art and exhibits photos of the city life. Stephan Doitschinoff will discuss issues such as guilty and redemption. To finish to name them, the others are Carlos Dias, Daniel Melim and Ramon Martinez. Everyone began to deal with the spray in Sao Paulo. "The life of the city is a school" says Low Ribeiro. "And the richest of all."
[Jonas Lopes]

Where: Masp - Avenida Paulista 1578
When: November 10th to February 5th
How Much: R$ 15

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