Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two Italian Film Festivals are happening simultaneously in Sao Paulo

Two Italian film festivals are happening at the same time in the city. They are the Semana Venezia Cinema (Venice Film Week) and Semana Pirelli de Cinema (Pirelli Week Italian cinema). Both are in the 5th edition and bring contemporary Italian films inspired by the old school: Fellini, Antonioni, Visconti, Bertolucci, Scola and Pasolini. The initiative comes from the public and private Italian sources and both bring big ones, such as Baaria movie, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, which has Monica Belucci on the cast. This film contest a nomination for an Oscar.

5ª Semana Venezia Cinema
The Festival begins today and happens in other two cities as well as Sao Paulo (Rio and Brasilia). The movies will be screening once a day at the Conjunto Nacional, near the Italian Consulate in Avenida Paulista. The films screened in Sao Paulo will be Baarìa, Cosmonauta, Il grande sogno, Lo spazio bianco, La doppia ora and Dieci inverni.

The Semana Venezia Cinema (Venice Film Week) is an initiative of the Italian Consulate in São Paulo held annually since 2004. The program is free, and tickets must be gotten at the Cinema one hour in advance.

Nov. 26th: Baarìa
Nov. 27th: Cosmonauta
Nov. 28th: Il grande sogno
Nov. 29th: Lo spazio bianco
Nov. 30th: La doppia ora
Dec. 1st: Dieci inverni
Where: Cine Bombril at the Conjunto Nacional.
When: November 26th to December1st, every day at 6pm. 
Phone: (11) 3285-3696

5ª Semana Pirelli de Cinema
Differently of the Festival organized by the Consulate, the event organized by Pirelli is better elaborated, where it's possible to be part of workshops, seminars and meet illustrious guest, such as Giuseppe Tornatore, director of the film Baarìa [2009]. Besides all that, there is an exhibition of cartoonists who brought big screens of the best films made in the last two years in Italy.

When: November 25th to December 3rd [click to see the program]
Where: Cinemark Iguatemi e Paulista, HSBC Belas Artes e FAAP

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