Friday, November 20, 2009

Emiliano Hotel, one of the Leading Small Hotels of the World in Sao Paulo

This hotel is really one of the best of the city and it is part of the the worldwide group Leading Small Hotels of the World. The product offered is luxurious and the ambience extremely pleasant. The great thing of the Emiliano Hotel is also the location, it is in fact located in the Rua Oscar Freire the most exclusive street of Sao Paulo where all the boutique of important fashion designers are. The staff will always attend the client with all the efficiency imagine that there are three exclusive employees for every guest.

The services they offer are many but the highlight is the Spa service with all kind of treatments which is really something good after spending a business day in the city, they can pack and unpack your luggage, they will provide your favourite newspapers. Finally imagine everything it is possibile to find in a luxury hotel and it will be undoubtly possible to find it at the Emiliano Hotel. Directed to people travelling for business and definitely not for every pocket, but still good to know that Sao Paulo has the best option in every category!

Rua Oscar Freire 384
— São Paulo

(11) 3068-4399.

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