Friday, November 27, 2009

Rhino Pub is a great pub to have a quality beer in town

Classic counter inside the Rhino Pub

Rhino Pub is a brand new pub established on Moema suburb and the proposal is to offer beer, football and rock'n'roll to the customers. There are 5 plasma TVs inside the bar where is possible to watch a different game on each one (on demand). The bar also offers wireless connection and more than 60 different brands of beer including the Guinness one (but doesn't have agreement with Imbev, so no Brahma neither Skol).

This is bar is a spruced version of an authentic English pub, but at the same time, the rustic decor makes so elegant that becomes a great place to flirt interesting girls and the pub doesn't lack on them.

The menu is tasty and offers several classic British recipes on the menu, including Fish and Chips and Onion Rings among many others. The suggestion goes to the London Eye Calamari (Calamari rings, covered by grated Parmesan cheese plus Crimean sauce). They offer an english menu and the staff is ready to talk to anyone not Portuguese speaker.

Rhino Pub is well characterized to represent the supposed story of a victorian British fleet of World War II called "Rhino Squad". The Pub is based on the aspect of victorian and honor to present. The decoration counts with rhino's heads in everywhere. The bar is very nice and looked out of place. It has some stained glass on the wall, interesting beer tabs on the counter and a spacious stage at the end of the pub.

Inauguration day of the Rhino Pub (August 4, 2009)

Where: Rhino Pub,
Av. Cotovia, 99 — Moema — São Paulo
When: Tuesday to Friday, opens at 6pm and closes at 1am on Tuesday, Wednesday at 2am and Thurday and Friday at 3am. Saturday, from 8pm till 5am.
Phone: (11) 5041-4188
How much: It's free to get in before eleven, but after that its R$ 30 per person.

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  1. i like this pub, wish to get its counter footprint