Saturday, November 14, 2009

Event organized by the Government of Sao Paulo is trying to help illegal immigrants

This Sunday (November 15th), from 2pm, the city council organized a joint effort to regularize illegal immigrants in the country. The service will be conducted at the praça Kantuta, in Pari (North Region). The Anistia Migratória Law (Migratory Amnesty Law) was released last July and provides temporary residence for illegal immigrants. This law expires on December 30th.

The objective of the task force, organized by the Defensoria Pública da União (Public Defender's Office) is to inform about the procedures for illegal immigrants (undocumented) to apply for residence based by the Law 11.961/09 (and Decree 6.893/09, which regulates). This law (released on July 2nd 2009) provides temporary residence for overseas and the deadline for settlement migration goes up the next day December 30th, but may be requested by those who came to Brazil before the 1/2/2009.

This joint effort is being conducted by the Federal Police after realize a reduction in demand for settlement in recent weeks. The reduction can be attributed to the lack of disclosure with the regularization of immigrants Migration. The government wants to help immigrants to regulate their situation to reduce the use of illegal labor exploited by companies that brought these immigrants illegally.

More information about the procedures can be found through the website of CMDH.

Where: Praça Kantuta — Pari — São Paulo
When: November 15th, from 2pm.
How much: For free

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