Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Casa Club Hostel Bar, a great place to stay!

Casa Club Hostel Bar is located in the heart of Vila Madalena. It was born from the idea of a group of friends and former students of USP Ricardo Ferreira, Paulo Zaine and Savio Henrique. The location is great (close to the bars, easy access to buses and taxis, supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants) and the place is brand new. 

The bar was open first but now the hostel is working as well and since we think the offer of good hostel in Sao Paulo is not that big, this could be a great suggestion. The low cost rooms attracts young people who seek cultural tourism. The owners will give you tips about the city that just a local could know. This is a good way to make tourists stay longer in the city, which is also Inside Sao Paulo's mission!

Don't forget that is a bar too, so you can even go just for a drink and found yourself into a very cosmopolitan ambient!


Rua Mourato Coelho 973, Vila Madalena — São Paulo

(11) 3798 - 0051
How much:
from R$ 30 per night


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