Thursday, March 4, 2010

Choque Cultural

Choque Cultural involves education and socio-cultural engagement. Its primary mission is to bring the young people close to the arts, encouraging them collecting, producing knowledge and promoting exchange. Since its founding in 2003, the project shown more than 200 Brazilian artists, brought to Brazil more than 50 international artists, led Brazil to Europe and the United States in more than 10 major exhibitions and edited many books and prints. Choque Cultural created production of low-cost limited editions, signed posters, stickers and art objects.

First the Choque Cultural Editor was open. Soon after, in 2004, the gallery opened the doors to its first exhibition space in a house built in the 40th, in Pinheiros, a simple home in a working-class neighborhood. The first exhibitions helped to determine some characteristics of non-conventional design: the walls always painted, often by the artists themselves exhibitors, prices alongside the work and the informal and participatory.

Focused on the presentation of art to a new audience, the curators have always sought to create amazing dialogues between artists of different generations, styles and artistic proposals, putting side by side the revelations with established artists. Interested in the development of both new audiences and new artists, Choque invested since the early years, in exchange. It joined galleries and curators around the world and held many exhibitions and workshops of Brazilian artists in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

On the other hand, it brought many foreign artists to showtheir work in large exhibitions. This new art gallery has attracted many admirers and opened a new art market that consists of new collectors, many of them young people who had ge into a gallery.
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Rua Joao Moura 997 - Pinheiros - Sao Paulo

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