Friday, March 5, 2010

WarTube death match on Sunday. Prepare your cardboard equipment and apply for this fight. It's for free!

Troopers getting ready to the WarTube match

If you are in Sao Paulo this weekend, do not miss the incredible battle of cardboard that will happen in Sao Paulo, near the city center. You can watch or even subscribe yourself for this fight!

On Sunday, at 5pm, a match between two enemy troops will happen in the Minhocão (Elevado Presidente Arthur da Costa e Silva). This battle is a brand new issue of the War Tube (the War of cardboard tubes), a traditional war that happens between two armies — Armada Arturiana (Arthurian Armada) and Filhos de Musashi (Sons of Musashi) — every two months in different locations around the city.

This meeting is very well planned and includes registration and regulation. In the fictional story created by the organizers, two armies are about to compete in a battle where the survivor army wins the fight. Each team should gather as much troopers as possible trying to eliminate the enemy. The war is between a Japanese Army (Sons of Musashi - Red) and a British troop (Arthurian Armada - Blue).

To become a soldier, you must apply through the website (click the link) and read the Participant Manual (unfortunately only in Portuguese. If you need any help, leave a comment and we will help you). The participation is for free and female soldiers are also required.

The following accessories are allowed to this battle: weapons, armor and shield. Everything must be done using only cardboard. It is allowed to use rope or twine to tie the body armor, but you may not use any other type of material. The cardboard used can not be too hard to prevent accidents and armor should be marked with the team colors of your choice (blue or red). The participant will be eliminated when their weapon get broken. Wins the survivor army.

The meeting point on Sunday at 4 pm will be at the exit of the subway Marechal Teodoro for the participants of the group Arthurian Armada while for the warriors of the Sons of Musashi, the meeting point will be at the exit of the subway Santa Cecilia also 4pm. The battle begins at 5pm.

Do not miss this battle, soldier!

What's up: War Tube
Minhocão (Elevado Presidente Arthur da Costa e Silva)
When: March 7th, at 5pm but there will be a team meeting at 4pm.

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