Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Maureen Bisilliat at Sesi. A great chance to see pictures of Brazilian backwoodsman

Caranguejeiras, 1968

About 200 pictures of the English photographer Maureen Bisilliat, are on exhibition at the Art Gallery of Sesi.

She is daughter of an Argentinean Diplomat and an Irish woman, Sheila Maureen was born in Bisilliat Englefield Green, Surrey, England, in 1931. She studied painting with Andre Lothe in Paris (1955) and at the Art Students League in New York (1957), before settling down permanently in Brazil in 1957, in São Paulo. She worked for the Abril Magazine Publisher between April 1964 and 1972, shooting for various publications.

The highlight of her job are:
  • The universe of Guimaraes Rosa, on the Xingu Indians - conducted with the Villas-Boas brothers (the show's visitors will see a canoe with six meters in length produced according to the Indian tradition).
  • Os sertões de Euclides, as Caranguejeiras - photographic equivalent of the poem by João Cabral de Melo Neto.
In addition, throughout the show, there will be a projection of Xingu / Land, a documentary made in the 1980s by Maureen Bisilliat and Lucius Kodato, shot in Mehinaku village in the Upper Xingu.

Where: SESI Gallery, Avenida Paulista, 1313 - Sao Paulo
When: March 1st to July 4th. Monday, from 11am till 8pm; Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am till 8pm; Sunday, from 10am till 7pm.
Phone: (11) 3146-7405
How much: For free

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