Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There are still available tickets for the Sao Paulo Indy 300

Anhembi Circuit F-Indy 2010. Address of the Sao Paulo Carnival every year

For those who haven't bought yet the ticket for the Sunday Indy race in Sao Paulo, there are still 30% of the 36.5 thousand tickets available.

The remaining tickets are from the sectors where the prices range from R$ 250 to R$ 500. Tickets can be purchased at the Sambódromo-Anhembi or on the website

About 70% of tickets have been sold and according to the event's organizers, the remaining ones are always sold few days before the race.

More expensive than in the U.S.
The tickets sold to the Anhembi's Circuit are more expensive than the races of the Indy Racing League in the U.S.

The price for the São Paulo racing costs twice more than the Indy 500 (most expensive one in the U.S.). In Indianapolis, the tickets cost from R$ 68 to R$ 255.

The street circuit of Saint Petersburg, Florida, which will be held on March 28th will cost between R$ 76 and R$ 187.

The circuit will be ready only tomorrow
The São Paulo street circuit (4.180 meters) which opens the 2010 season, will be ready tomorrow. The cars will be on the track on Saturday (March 13th) for the classification training. The race is on Sunday (March 14th) at 1pm.
[source: destak]

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Sao Paulo Indy Race 2010 will be at Sambodromo and Marginal do Tiete on March 2010. Have a look on the map!

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