Sunday, March 28, 2010

Museo do Bixiga reopens its doors!

 After 5 years this historical Museum of the Italian most famous neighborhood, Bixiga, reopen in the perspective of the Italy in Brazil's year in 2011. In this house of seven room the memory of this region is well-kept Located in the Rua dos Ingleses, here you will find there toys and relics of the early last Century, there are even rolls of pasta of the first immigrants. Among the 1.5 thousand items of the collection, there is also a complete set of "bexiguense" revolutionary soldier, 1932 - rifle and helmet - a dentist's chair for 20 years, a nearly century-old refrigerator, a television set and Adoniran Barbosa personal items (vary famous singer of Sao Paulo, son of Italian inmigrants) - tie, hat, scarf and lighter. Another treasure is the iconographic material with 8 thousand pictures that help to reconstruct the history of the São Paulo neighborhood.  The place will be renovated, organizing courses and opening a school functioning at the back of the house. It will be an open space for lovers of Italian cuisine, like any restaurant, with the difference that there will be forming skilled cooks to work in other restaurants of the neighborhood. It is also planned to set up a small shop selling souvenirs depicting the Italian immigration.

Where: Museu Memoria do Bixiga, Rua dos Ingleses 118, Bela Vista - Sao Paulo
When: From Tuesday to Friday, from 2 pm to 6 pm
How much: For free
Phone: (11) 3262-3156

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    Something to be proud of!

    Here we post some more infos about the city, including Bixiga antiquitie´s Market, hope you like it and come to visit us soon!

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