Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coletivo Role - Sao Paulo Night Shots

The group was created by friends, some professional photographer and some just amateur, what they have in common is the love for Sao Paulo, especially Sao Paulo by night. That's how it works: the members of the group talks and decide the meeting point, it can be everywhere in Sao Paulo, any area. What matters is to meet in a good "boteco" (bar) where to have some beers and talk about the city before they start their mission.

In order to shoot more and more neighborhoods in Sao Paulo at night and to show other dimensions of the city, the Coletivo Role has 13 fixed participants and many guests. For them, photography is only a means to reveal the metropolis. The ride is more than photography. Visiting the city on foot at night is to live it in a way that no one is used to. Walking, especially at night, helps to lower the speed imposed on their day-to-day practice and to experiment observation.


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