Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sao Paulo Indy 300: the organization still working to fix the race track

The focus is on the part of Sambadrome criticized because of lack of grip. The problem caused the change of the qualifying for this Sunday, hours before the race, which starts at 13h.

According to Tony Cotman, engineer responsible for creating the circuit Anhembi, the solution is to make grooves in the straight Sambadrome. This latter process, which is the inclusion of transverse channels along the circuit is found, for example, on airports and roads.

"I didn't think it would be so problematic. It was the first time I faced a bright paint where the tyre doesn't adheres. We offer a solution that is not new, but that difference will be the fact that we will be doing it throughout the night", said the engineer. He also said this will help if it rains during the race.

"We are looking for some options for testing, but will depend on the results. The hardest job will be to wash and clean the floor after sanding", said Cotman. If everything goes well, the possibility of changing the location of the race start is discarded.

Despite all the optimism of the engineer with the work that will be developed throughout the night of Saturday, the Indy's organization has a plan B on the pocket. If the expected results are not seen soon, the Sambadrome will be paved again and the operation needs to end up at 8am, which is the time scheduled to start activities on Sunday.
[source: uol]

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