Thursday, March 11, 2010

Concert of the Symphonic Band of the State of Sao Paulo this Friday (March 12th)

The world of classical music begins to brighten in 2010. And the noble Theatro São Pedro will be glad to receive a single submission with three established composers. "Live Music" by Alfred Reed, opens the series, followed by "The Four Noble Truths," by Philip Sparke, to finish with more expected, "The Lord of the Rings, as the conductor Johan de Meij. The conductor Mark Sadao Shirakawa adds: "For those who know the film's soundtrack, will be an amazing experience to hear the version of Meij with striking scenes in mind, made long before the book reaches the screens."
[fernando aguiar by b.coolt]

Where: Theatro São Pedro, Rua Barra Funda, 171 — Barra Funda
When: March 12th, at 9pm.
How much: R$ 2

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