Monday, March 1, 2010

Restaurant week 2010 starts today. More than 200 expensive restaurants for affordable prices

The opportunity to try the menu of some of the most expensive restaurants in São Paulo for affordable prices only happens twice a year. The sixth edition of the Restaurant Week 2010 (and first of the year) begins today. The Restaurant Week is one of the most important gastronomic events in the world. It came up about 17 years ago in New York and nowadays it happens in more than 100 cities in several countries.

São Paulo is internationally recognized for its cuisine and it's possible to enjoy the best of the international cuisine. The Restaurant Week, held from March 1st to 14th brings more than 200 restaurants to this challenge of creating special menus for popular prices. The menu is composed by entrance, main menu and dessert for a unique price in any restaurant: R$ 27,50 for lunch and R$ 39 for dinner. But these prices don't include beverage and/or artistic coverts.

Italian restaurants are 25% for a total of 51 restaurants. Among the Italians, the highlight is the La Vecchia Cucina (photo). Debuting at the event, this restaurant only serves dinner.

Visiting the restaurants during the event is a great opportunity to meet some of the most outstanding restaurants in the city and contribute socially. São Paulo is one of the biggest Gastronomic Capitals in World. The objective of the SPRW is to let accessible the high level cuisine to everyone. Aiming to help the Fundação Ação Criança (Brazilian Children Foundation) all the menus will have an increasing of R$ 1 for this cause.

From now on during 14 days, the lunch's price will be R$ 27.50 and the dinner's R$ 39 (R$ 1 optional for the Children Foundation). Don't miss it!

What's up: São Paulo Restaurant Week (SPRW)
When: March 1st to 14th. Lunch and Dinner.
Where: Click here to follow the program. There are 201 restaurants subscribed.

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