Friday, August 26, 2011

85th Traditional Italian Party - advice for the weekend

Insidesaopaulo had the chance to visit the Achiropita Fest 2011
The traditional Festa de Nossa Senhora de Achiropita 2011 (Feast of Saint Achiropita) will happen on the suburb of Bixiga this weekend and also on the next. The 85th edition of this famous Italian party has started on August 6th and will end on September 4th.

This event happens every year on the streets 13 de Maio, São Vicente e Dr. Luiz Barreto (outside area), where is possible to find tents, fogazzas, fricazzas, pasta, polenta and other Italian dishes. The advice is to arrive around 10 pm because it's very crowd around 8 pm.

It's a traditional Italian party is organized by the Italian descendants and it's opened for everyone. Old Italian ladies lead the cuisine and prepare recipes to be served on a large tables. The whole festival happens on the street.

The income will reverted to charity centers such as the Casa Dom Orione, the Nursery and Mother Achiropita MOVA. 250 thousand people are expected to the event.


Where: Rua Treze de Maio, 478 — Bela Vista — São Paulo
When: Every Saturday and Sunday. Saturday starts at 6 pm and on Sunday starts at 5h30pm.
Phone: (11) 3106-7235
How much: For free on the street.

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