Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sao Paulo Boteco Week starts today. Great pubs and good value for money!

That is something new in Sao Paulo, it is the first time that a group of "boteco" (bar) organize a special week based on the experience of the famous restaurant week. It basically works like that: for R$ 25 you can choose one of the combo of drink and food offered by the boteco.

There are few of them taking part to the event this year, but we are sure this will become a tradition in Sao Paulo during the next years. The Sao Paulo Boteco Week runs from August 20 to 26 and is happening in the following bars:

What: 1st Sao Paulo Boteco Week
Where: Different pubs in Sao Paulo
When: August 20 to 26
Price: R$ 25

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