Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Inside Out / Outside In exhibition brings important names from global urban art to Sao Paulo

An exhibit called Inside Out / Outside In (De Dentro e De Fora) will run in the MASP museum and surrounding area until December 23 of this year. It brings to Brazil some of the most important names in global urban art, including artists from the United States, Argentina, the Czech Republic and France.

The initiative will use the MASP architecture as a basis for graffiti, photography, video, sculpture, painting, mural paintings, collages, and installations. Each artist will create site-specific works. The artists will also work on the outside area of the museum.

The work is collaborative: each artist's work will be in direct dialogue with that of the others.

The central idea of ​​Inside Out/ Outside In is to cause the audience to experience the feeling of not knowing where the art starts and where it ends. It may be everywhere: under the stairs, behind a frame or into a hole, both inside and outside the museum.

The following parallel activities will be held during the exhibition:
  • A workshop entitled "Art, the museum and the city," about public art, urban art, creative economy and the future of the city. It will be held on September 21 in the Grand Auditorium of MASP. 
  • 12 classes on urban art, history and contemporary art from September 5 to October 3.
  • Festival of Urban Culture Videos, held once a month in the small auditorium of MASP.
  • Roundtables on matters related to pop culture, such as graffiti, street art, skateboarding, tattoos and more.
  • An interactive website that explores cutting-edge technologies and social networks. Visitors can participate from home, provide feedback, and communicate with other visitors through the site.
    What: Inside Out/ Outside In (De Dentro e De Fora)
    Where: MASP
    When: August 17 - December 23
    Website: http://dedentroedefora.com/

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