Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Indy Sao Paulo 2011: Cash back for those that bought tickets and couldn't go to the race on Monday

[photo: marcio fernandes/ae]
 Indy Sao Paulo 2011: race was interrupted after heavy rain
The Sao Paulo Prosecutor's Office (Promotoria de Justiça do Consumidor da Capital), Procon and TV Bandeirantes signed a Conduct Adjustment (TAC) to ensure financial compensation for all consumers who lost out on the São Paulo Indy 2011 race. The race should have happened on May 1st at the Anhembi street circuit, but because of heavy rains, it was postponed until May 2nd.

For prosecutors and Procon (a Brazilian state consumer protection agency), consumers who could not attend the race on Monday can get a partial refund.

Bandeirantes television (the company responsible for Indy in Brazil) has to grant a 30% discount for tickets for the 2012 edition or they have to refund 30% of the amount paid.

For the next year, a refund will also be set in place in case similar situations occur, since the Indy is set to take place in São Paulo until 2019.

Consumers who wish to receive the discount or secure return for 2012 must submit the original ticket in person at ABC Tickets Livepass. Check out the list of service locations:
Shopping Market Place - Monday to Saturday, from 10am till 10pm.
Brascan Open Mall - Monday to Saturday, from 10am till 10pm.
Shopping Villa Lobos - Monday to Saturday, from 10am till 10pm; Sunday and Holiday, from 2pm till 8 pm.
Bilheteria 2 of the Morumbi Stadium - Monday to Sunday, from 10am till 6pm.

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