Saturday, August 20, 2011

Flying above a concrete jungle, by Isabel Campos

Isabel flying above Copam building
 My name is Isabel Campos, I am a journalist working in São Paulo and, as part of my job, I fly every day above an estimated fleet of 7 million cars. From the top I can see a city that does not stop growing. On one side the luxury real estate boom, on the other the arid suburbs.
It is a privilege to see Sao Paulo from the top of an helicopter.
Sao Paulo thrills me when I overflight places like Avenida Paulista, the Sé Cathedral, the Copan building, Teatro Municipal or  the beautiful São Paulo Golf Club on the south area of São Paulo. The Reservoir of Guarapiranga and also Billings Reservoir are real oasis located at the southern limit of the city, near the coast.

Flying by night is also incredible. You can see the light show and the size is breathtaking! Sao Paulo from the top of an helicopter is a privilege. Every morning I have the privilege of flying over the city I love.

Ponte do Limão

Marginal Tietê

Who: Isabel Campos
Duty: Reporter at Rádio Estadão ESPN speaking from an helicopter about traffic jam.
When: every single morning during the week, from 7h30am till 8h30am (GMT -3). Click here to listen the Radio.
Curiosity: Isabel also works at addressing voice over videos. Check out some of them.

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