Friday, August 26, 2011

Introducing: Rua 25 de Março. The biggest retailer shopping center in Latin America

The Rua 25 de Março is one of the busiest outdoor shopping centers for retailers and wholesalers in Latin America. The main draw is the low prices of the products.

Rua 25 de Março hosts more than three thousand stores as well hundreds of stalls along the sidewalks. Here you can find anything you might be looking for - hair brushes, slippers, flip-flops, electric massagers. Most of the products have been manufactured in Brazil or China. In addition to the many small stores there are shopping malls and galleries, including the famous Galeria Pagé and the Shopping 25 de Março.

The area is very crowded and known for pickpocketing. When visiting this street, be sure to stay aware of your belongings.

What: Rua 25 de Março
Where: Rua Vinte e Cinco de Março
When: Monday to Friday, from 7h30 am till 6h30 pm

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