Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Metro Stations República and Luz will be finally available in September

Luz Metro Station - 4-Yellow Line
The República and Luz Metro stations (4-Yellow Line) will available in September. The Metro Dept. believes that the quantity of passengers that pass daily through the Sé station will decrease around 20%.

Which means that 1/5 of passengers who are now using the terminal will migrate to the 4-Yellow Line. The same should happen in Paraíso and Ana Rosa stations (connecting Lines 1-Blue and 2-Green). At the Consolação station, which connects the Yellow and Green lines, the amount of people may fall of 33%. However, the quantity of passengers using the 4-Yellow Line will rise nearly 4 times - from 190 thousand people per day to about 700 thousand.

The new stations, such as the Yellow Line, will reduce the concentration of people in other lines, especially in connection stations (check the video bellow).

The exact day that the stations Luz and Republica will be opened has not been defined yet. When these brand new terminals start to work, the 4-Yellow Line will run full time daily, from 4h40am till midnight. Nowadays, these trains stop running at 9pm.
[source: estadão]

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