Friday, August 19, 2011

The 'Pastel' Competition 2011 ends on Monday morning (August 22) in front of the Pacaembu Stadium

The ten finalists (check the list below) of the Best 'Pastel' Competition will be assembled on August 22, from 8h30am to 13h30pm at the Charles Miller square in front of the Pacaembu Stadium. The winner has to get the best score among popular and technical judge. The winner will get a R$ 8 thousand prize and get the right to work on Gay Parade, Virada Cultural and many other events organized by the city council. Organize yourself to be part of the the best 'Pastel' 2011.

List of the ten finalists
Pastéis Agena (winner of 2010)
Pastel da Maria (winner of 2009)
Sensação Pastéis
Pastel Léo e Elaine
Patelaria Yukari
Pastelaria Erenito
Barraca da Hiromi
Barraca da Soninha
Pastel Kyoto
Pastéis Yamashiro

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