Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2009 World Car Free Day (after)

Yesterday, during the World Car Free Day (September 22nd), some people preferred to joint the movement by riding horses or even an ox as a means of transport in São Paulo. In the evening, thousands of cyclists gathered for a symbolic riding at Avenida Paulista.

Diego Ramos from Inside Sao Paulo Team was passing through Avenida Paulista at night and saw less cars then average but it doesn't mean that it was the same during the whole day. During rush time, the city reached similar traffic jam indexes. But it's necessary to say that it was raining a lot and may be, it would be worst without the World Car Free Day effort.

It's increasing the adherence but it still out of people cultural behavior. Let's wait for the next year.

Brazilian TV News about 2009 World Car Free Day (It's in Portuguese)

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