Friday, September 4, 2009

Indenpendence day story in a subway station

From September 4th to 20th, 20 panels about the Brazilian history in comic book style will be installed in the Alto do Ipiranga subway station. With the name História do Brasil em Quadrinhos: Independência (History of Brazil in Comics: Independence), the exhibition presents the events leading up to September 7th, 1822.

The show is based on the comic book of the same name, released by the Europe publisher. In the book, events such as the scape of the Portuguese Royal Family, Dia do Fico (The 'Day of Staying', when Don Pedro said: "I'll still here in Brazil — instead of going back to Portugal) and the day of the Independence Claim at Ipiranga are represented on this book.

The story introduces the teacher Daguerre as the main character and his three children students during a school trip to the Museu Paulista. It demonstrates a preoccupation with ethnicity and national acts in a politically correct situation. Among the students are an asian an afro and white character. One of those is a wheelchair user that is lined up with the others.
[source: destak]

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