Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blue Man Group in Sao Paulo

The Blue Man Group starts their season in Sao Paulo from September 2nd to 13th.

To compose the Brazilian submission, the group visited some samba schools aiming to get some novelties to the shows. The trio of bald blue men present in Sao Paulo their Megastar World Tour.

In the show, the group offers a humorous simulation workshop on how to be a perfect rock band. So, they follow a manual and do performances with lights, screens, interactions with the public and play some rock classics songs, such as "Baba O 'Riley" by The Who.

One of the main characteristics of the 'blues' is to produce sounds through unusual musical instruments, such as pipe, antenna, fiber glass, sitar or even disassembled piano.

The soundtrack of the show runs from Sex Pistols to The Clash, passing through Led Zeppelin. This year, the Blue Man Group will try to introduce some samba elements. Check it out!
[source: destak]

Where: Credicard Hall, Av. das Nações Unidas, 17955 — São Paulo
September 2nd to 13th. Check out the time schedule.

(11) 2846-6010
How Much:
From R$ 60 to R$ 280

Where to buy:
Ticket Master

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