Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Zoo of Sao Paulo

The Zoo of Sao Paulo has more than 3 thousand animals across an area of 80 thousand square meters. It is so great that the site is the source of the Ipiranga River and because the extension it's is not always possible to visit all the animal's sites.

The best advice is to set a plan using a map (which can be bouth at the Zoo) and choose a specific ride before you start the visiting.

The Zoo also provides visits during the night, scheduled in advance and done with skilled guides. Visitors can visit more than twenty different species of crepuscular and nocturnal habits, which often are less active during the day. These animals, in nature, go hunting at night. Native animals such as possums and bats also roam the park.

Where: Avenida Miguel Stéfano, 4241 - Água Funda - São Paulo
When: Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am till 5pm. (Tickets stop to selling at 4h30pm).
How to get there: At Jabaquara Metro Station, there is a shop where it's possible to buy a ticket including transpot plus entrance to the Zoo. Find it out at Plataform A.
Phone: (11) 5073-0811
How much: R$ 14 and R$ 7 (students). Free for under 6 and above 60.

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