Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Train Tour connecting Sao Paulo with it's metropolitan region

Departing from the Luz Train Station

The Expresso Turístico (Express Tour) project is a great choice of tourism in the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo.

Using the rails built during the second half of last century by SPR (Sao Paulo Railway Co.), the government of the city of Sao Paulo has created the Express Tour. This is a train service that will integrate a culture, architecture and environment through the metropolitan city region.

On the way, it's possible to see the British architecture on the buildings in the stations of: Luz, Jaraguá, Perus, Jundiaí, Ribeirão Pires, Rio Grande da Serra e Paranapiacaba.

CPTM has prepared a locomotive built on early 60's (ALCO RS-3) and two touristic wagons with a capacity of 175 seats (only 1 dedicated for disabled person). Each wagon has a person from the crew prepared to guide tourists. The tour trips work every weekend, departing at 8h30 from Luz Train Station, on the center of Sao Paulo.

How it works?
The tickets can be purchased up to 105 days in advance at the box office of the Luz Train Station (between 6am and 6h30pm) and there are 3 different trips to choose between:

To board, you must be present 30 minutes before departure, otherwise it will not be possible to pick up the ticket. The schedule can be checked clicking here.

How much does it cost?
There is a promotional price for purchases of up to 4 tickets, running as follows: the first ticket gets full price, but for the second, third and fourth tickets it will be charged half price.
For example: 1 person ticket costs R$ 28, but if tell that there are up to 3 other people together, you can take the other for R$ 14 each. That's what it would be on each case:
  • 1 person: R$ 28, or
  • 2 people: R$ 42, or
  • 3 people: R$ 56, or
  • 4 persons: R$ 70
The purchases made at the Luz Train Station office can only be made in cash.
Toll free inside Brazil: 0800 055 0121

You can also pay for whole wagon on the stretch of Luz - Mogi das Cruzes. It's only allowed to reserve one car per trip and the entire reservation must be made by this phone number: 3226-4428.
The whole wagon trip costs R$ 1,500

Don't forget that there are only 175 seats and the tickets can be purchased in advance. So have sure you'll check if there are available seats for your trip.

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