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Security tips for Sao Paulo

Deatur – Tourist Police Station
Rua Consolação, 247 - Downtown – (11) 3257-4475
Other DEATUR units:

Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi – (11) 2226-0664
Aeroporto de Congonhas – (11) 5090-9032
Aeroporto de Guarulhos – (11) 6445-3064

DEATUR, Tourist Police Station, organized some suggestions to give you a safe stay in São Paulo. Such suggestions have been based on a world study of tourist security.

At the airport
Boarding and disembarking are the most critical moments for a traveler. Tiredness and too much people at the airports may cause inattention and vulnerability to thefts. Be aware at terminals and follow the hits below:

• When disembarking, check if your luggage is closed exactly as it was when boarding;
• For information or help, always look for a policeman or an employee of the company you traveled with. Never talk to strangers. In every airport, you will find a DEATUR, Tourist Police Station, where professionals have been trained to help you;
• Do not leave your belongings unattended. Be aware of people approaching you to make questions. Maybe they try just to distract you. When talking to them, keep an eye to your luggage;
• Do not open your luggage in a publics area, mainly if you have electronic equipment and cash inside;
• Do not handle high amount of money in public;
• If you need to use an ATM, check if nobody can see your password. In case of failure in equipment, call an identified employee for help.
• Do not accept any package from strange people;
• If someone feels ill and ask you to go for help, do it, but never leave your belongings with such person. Even if he/she says you will be faster;
• When taking a taxi or renting a car, use professional and registered companies. Ask your all belongings to be put in the luggage compartment. If not; take another taxi;
• It is important to keep your luggage in the proper compartment, especially your laptop;
• When using a mobile phone while in the taxi, use the device on the opposite side of the window;
• In case of traffic jam, do not handle too much money inside the car.

At the hotel
As visitors spend more time at the hotel, this is the place where special attention is needed. Although security and a partnership with the Police are provided, the hotel is not free from incidents. Follow the tips below and have a nice stay.

• When checking-in or out, try to leave your luggage with an employee or put it between you and the reception desk;
• When having meals, leave your belongings at the apartment. If you prefer, leave your belongings in the luggage room during your meal;
• Do not leave your wallet, mobile phone, palmtops or other belongings on the table if you need to leave the room for a while;
• When using the hotel common area, keep an eye in your belongings. Never put them beside or behind your seat, nor far from them;
• Do not take strange people into the hotel;
• If you have to receive visits in your room, you must fill in the proper form;
• If you want to go out, ask the hotel employees for information. They will give you excellent suggestions for places to go and restaurants, everything safe and well located. Check the local receptive service;
• If you are in an event, or organizing an event, at the hotel, establish using ID for participants. When leaving the room, check if the door is closed. Before and during the event, talk to security board of the hotel;
• Use the safety box available in your room;
• Avoid talking about important issues close to strange people, mainly if you are talking about amounts and values;
• Never accept help from strangers. All staff at the hotel are properly identified and dressed. They have been trained to serve the tourist.

At the restaurants
During the meal, you always pay attention to your table. thus, this is another moment with vulnerable safety. Here you have some hints to avoid problems:

• Prefer places people you know or hotel staff inform you. Also ask the best way, time for meal, type of service of the restaurant. Check the local receptive service, etc;
• When arriving at the restaurant, ask to keep your luggage. If you carry valuable items or money, use a lock. When getting the luggage back, check if everything is OK;
• If the restaurant does not offer a proper area to keep your belongings, never leave it alone;
• Do not leave your wallet, mobile phone, palmtops or other belongings on the table if you need to leave the room for a while;

In public areas or exhibition centers

Crowded events and public places require more attention. Too much people coming and going carrying bags and suits call attention If you take the following measures, you avoid an unpleasant incident:

• Do not talk to strangers, especially if they insist to talk.
• Do not leave your belongings unattended.
• Do not give personal information for any person.
• Do not handle high amount of money.
• Carry cameras and video recorders in a distinct way.
• Only take registered transportation.
• In case of problems, look for a properly identified employee.
• At Anhembi Park, there is an Operation Base of Tourist Police Station, to support visitors.

Addresses of Tourist Police Stations

Know where the Police offer special attention to tourists, providing information on public security and qualified professionals to help you.

• Port and Airport Police Division - Rua São Bento, 380 – 5º - Downtown - phone.: (11) 3107-5642 and 3107-8332

• 1st Tourist Police Station /DEATUR
Rua Consolação, 247 Downtown – (11) 3257-4475, 3151-4167
• 2nd Police Station at Congonhas/São Paulo airport. Av. Washington Luis, s/nº - phone: (11) 5090-9032, 5090-9043,5090-9041, 5090-9038

• 3rd Police Station at São Paulo international airport-Cumbica
Rua Dr. João Jamil Zarif, s/nº-Cumbica/Guarulhos - phone: (11) 6445-2686, 6445-3464, 6445-2221, 6445-3260, and 6445-2657.

• 4th Police Station at Campinas international airport - Viracopos
phone.: (19) 3225-9854, 3225-5426, and 3725-5412

• 5th Police Station at Port of Santos
phone.: (13) 3224-2726

What to do if you loose a document (credit card, ID, CPF (individual tax payer identification), passport, etc)

Go to the nearest DEATUR (Tourist Police Station) or to a common police station. Register a police report listing all objects lost or robbed. Foreigners must look for consulate services of their countries for a new passport. If you loose checkbooks, traveler checks and credit card, immediately communicate with administrator.

Security and Emergency
Keep the following numbers with you.
• Traffic - CET – 156
• Fire Station - 193
• Post Office (lost and found) 0800 570 0100
• Civil Defense - 199
• Women’s Station - 180
• Detran – 154
• Crime Hotline – 181 or 0800-156315
• Information DDI 0800 777 1515
• Electoral Board - 148
• Ombudsman of the City of São Paulo - 0800 17 5717
• Civil Police - 197
• Military Police - 190
• Federal Highway Patrol - 191
• Procon – 151
• SAMU – Mobile Urgency Attendance Service – 192
• Sustainable Tourism and Childhood – Call and denounce sexual exploration of children and teenagers - 100
• Phone telegram - 0800-5700100
• Sanitary Surveillance - 150

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