Tuesday, September 22, 2009

City Sport event had 3 million people

Kart racing by night: one of event's features

The third edition of the 'Virada Esportiva' took 34 hours and had 3 million people on it. The City Sport event had traditional sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, cycling and running, and also had extreme sports, such as: Tyrolese and Climbing. But it was pool, foosball, board and card games that ensured the participation of all generations on it.

The nearly 2 thousand activities offered between 10am of September 19th and 8pm of September 20th plenty of options for about 3 million people attended the 3rd 'Virada Esportiva'. It was the biggest public ever, compared to last year's (2.3 million).

About 2.4 thousand police officers worked the event.

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