Thursday, September 24, 2009

Swedish Music invades Sao Paulo

Girls of Those Dancing Days group are musician, DJ and will show their skills in Sao Paulo

The Invasão Sueca Festival (Swedish Invasion) fill up of girls the SESC Pompeia's stage. On the September 24th and 25th Britta Person and Those Dancing Days group will rule the party. If you are thinking it's gonna end up when the Sesc's spotlight goes off, you are wrong. There is also a party at the nightclub Drops, which increases the vibration of the northern girls.

On September 24th the stage of SESC Pompeia holds the solo singer Britta Person. On September 25th is time to Those Dancing Days group, formed only by girls. The program also includes Loney, Dear, stage name of the multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanängen.

Britta sing lyrics that talk about relationships. It includes themes of her album 'Kill Hollywood Me', released in 2008.

The Those Dancing Days is from a suburb of Stockholm. Joined in 2005 and have played with bands such as Interpol and Blondie. Record at Wichita, seal Bloc Party, and released the CD 'In Our Space Hero Suits'.

Before playing at SESC Pompeia, these skillful girls of Those Dancing Days will take advantage of the trip to São Paulo to become DJ and squeeze some sound on September 24th at Drops, into the party 'Ouioui'. The party forecasts rock, pop and electro. If you are inside São Paulo, jump up!
[source: destak
Where: SESC Pompéia, Rua Clélia, 93 — Perdizes — São Paulo
When: September 24th and 25th, at 9pm.
How much: R$ 30
Phone: (11) 3871-7700

Where: Drops (Oui Oui), Av. dos Ingleses, 182 — Bela Vista — São Paulo
When: September 24th, at 9pm.
How much: R$ 25
Phone: (11) 2503-4486

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