Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Choco.Lab Grocery Store

Facing a nice garden called Vitor Del Mazo there is a Choco.Lab. To the owners, perhaps it can truly be a chocolate lab, but for anyone else it is a perdition. The shop is quite small, cozy, with a beautiful design and a certain air of Barcelona. At there you will find chocolate chips with interesting unusual combinations in a few packs of amazing and chocolate truffle spoon that comes in a glass container very "pret-a-gift." You can eat, drink, take home or even (even) face it as a gift. Irresistible!
[julie belfer by B-Coolt]
Where: Choco.Lab, Rua Pará, 18, Higienópolis — São Paulo - SP
When: Monday to Thursday, from 12pm till 8pm. Friday to Sunday, from 2pm till 8pm.

1 comment:

  1. I tooooootally agree!
    They have the finest and sweetest chocolate on Earth!
    Thanks for reminding me! I´m about to go there!