Wednesday, September 23, 2009

French Punk show at StudioSP

On September 23rd the StudioSP Night Club receives two French groups to make some sound from 11pm till you get tired.

This is a Commemorative year of Brazil and France. During 2009 the thematic is: year of France in Brazil. Tonight plays Zombie Zombie plus The Name. On September 25th (Friday), as already published at insidesaopaulo, will be The Phantom's Revenge from Paris at Vegas.

Have a look on both and find out which kind of French mood you are in and go hunting some French kisses on Rua Augusta.

Where: StudioSPRua Augusta, 591 — Consolação — São Paulo
When: September 23th. The door opens at 11pm and the concert starts at 1am.
How much: R$ 25 but
it's possible to put your name on a list on the website and it'll become R$ 15.

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